Make your mark, with a logo that tells a story.


A good logo isn't just a stamp that you slap on your product or communication. Your brand logo differentiates you from the others. It’s a summary of your unique story. It can represent your positioning, your heritage, your benefits, or a mixture of these things.

Ultimately, every element within your logo should be pulling in the same direction of telling the viewer about your brand. The colours, the style, the typefaces should all align on that task.


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For example, let’s take a look at the Nike logo. It’s simple, yet powerful. In Greek mythology, ‘Nike’ is the Greek goddess of victory. The brand’s logo – the ‘Swoosh’ is derived from her wing. Legeend has it that the Swoosh of Nike’s wing gave immense power and motivation to warriors.


Here are the stories behind brand logos we’ve created for our clients at Forte Agency:

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The brand name is a combination of two words – ‘remove’ and ‘cancer’. The idea behind the logo was to try and visually depict cancer removal. Within the ‘o’, the dark spot represents cancer. As we progress to the next letter, the removal of the dark spot creates the letter ‘c’, thus showing the cancer successfully removed and the more positive word of ‘can’.

By keeping all letters in lowercase, the logo has a softer, friendly and more approachable feel.


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Charlie Chedid is the founder of a real estate business. Ultimately, Charlie ‘is the brand’. It’s his unique personality and style of business that sets him apart from the rest.

So, in designing this logo, we wanted to combine the elements of ‘real estate’, ‘Charlie’s name’ and ‘setting us apart’ as part of the story and visual communication.


ForteArtboard 21 copy 6T.png

Hipac Healthcare is an Australian success story. Hipac’s brand promise is to enable and deliver superior health outcomes for patients by providing access to the best medical products and support available worldwide. The company’s attitude is always driven by a single-minded focus of searching the globe for the best possible medical equipment and solutions for its clients, and their ‘We’re here for life’ positioning reflects that promise. Forte was asked to develop a logo that encapsulates the Hipac positioning. By merging an heart icon together with a cross and a sans serif-based type face we were able to create a contemporary logo mark that sets up the brand for the foreseeable future.

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The QBiotics Group logo is influenced by the organisation’s positioning, which is all about ‘seeing nature in a different way’. While conventional wisdom is about applying foundational science to nature, QBiotics use nature as the starting point, and explore it through the lens of high science. This approach to working is known as ‘EcoLogic’.

When creating the logo, we also started with nature (represented by a green leaf), and combined this with an eye (to show how QBiotics Group view medical research). The maze-like lines are a nod towards ‘finding the right route or solution’.

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The Forte Agency is all about making healthcare marketing better by working to the strengths of both the client and the agency. To create the Forte logo we’ve used a bar graph ‘logo mark’ to help bring this notion to life, whether it’s building a brand, using data driven insights, increasing return on investment, or increasing sales. The graph also dovetails succinctly back into the core work we do in healthcare, where efficacy and safety information of medicines is commonly portrayed in such a visual manner.


The Creso Pharma company represent pharmaceutical excellence in the area of medical cannabis.

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In portraying their brand, it was important to capture their professionalism, and also allow flexibility to talk to various product categories and applications. The end result is a suite of stylish icons, all representing different articulations of a leaf from the marijuana plant.


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Before designing any logo or brand identity, Forte Agency recognises the importance of discovering the brand’s story that should be communicated.