A good strategy is the foundation of your brand.

Strategy. It’s just one word but so, so important for a brand. When used correctly, it provides a clear ‘map’ for your brand, leading you on the right path forward. Once set, a good strategy makes every other decision decidedly easier. It helps you evaluate which solutions are correct or, perhaps even more importantly, which ones are wrong.

Yet, sometimes an organisation can be guilty of sitting on a powerful brand strategy and not really using it. At other times, their agencies are invited to interrogate the brand and, in a bid to put their own mark on something, change an existing brand positioning simply for the sake of change. When his happens, you can potentially throw out the baby with the bathwater.

When a brand has a legacy and lots of investment has been made in building equity, careful consideration should be given to how to move the brand forward. Forte Agency did just that for Hipac.

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Hipac is one of Australia’s leading providers of health care products, specialising in operating theatre equipment, lighting and anti-ligature products. With a 30-year history behind them, they asked Forte Agency to update their brand.


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We realised that the company already had a strong position but their brand communications tended to be product-centric and lacked emotion.

Our solution was more of an evolution rather than a revolution.

We found we could move the brand forward simply by introducing a more human side to their communications.

Rather than simply relay information to the customer, we wanted to help make them feel something rather than just think something. It’s like that old saying – ‘people may forget what you did or what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel’.

Through creating great products and building an emotional bond, the Hipac brand truly is ‘here for life’.