The first job of any brand communication is to get noticed. What better way
than to take over an entire international airport terminal?

In 2017, BETADINE became the ‘Official Healthcare Partner’ of the internationally famous Manchester City Football Club.  

In November that year, BETADINE went beyond normal communication channels and secured a 100% takeover of all advertising within Singapore’s newly built Terminal 4. Strategically we knew that Changi is one of Singapore’s crown jewels, beloved by its people.  200,000 tickets to the pre-opening viewing of Terminal 4 were booked within the first 2 hours. This was the perfect stage to tell the story of how BETADINE supports all heroes, of all ages.

Sales hit their highest mark ever - a 43% increase compared to the previous year.
Guinness World Record Set
- longest takeover
230,400 digital ads,
screened per day.
76 advertising ‘faces’ were used across 774 square meters… 230,400 digital ads. were shown per day, 22,579,200 over the entire campaign, reaching more than 8 Million people! In fact, the campaign set a Guinness World Record.
By using the space and environment at Changi Airport appropriately we were able to create a conversation that had contextual relevance for our audience, whilst creating a strong brand message.
Copy writing
Digital screens work together to create intrigue and impact.
Creative campaign
During the campaign 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia took place.
We piggy backed the noise around this tournament with a tactical Twitter/Facebook campaign that jumped on live events during the tournament. We leveraged big games, goals, red and yellow cards, wins and loses.
Digital execution