Our Creative Strategic Plan is where the magic happens

We just need some idea of your intended spend so we can keep our pencils sharp to deliver on brief and on budget.

All that’s required here is a short summary of what we’re doing. Is it a new brand campaign for HCP or consumer, a product launch, an eDetailer or printed leave behind, a patient starter kit, a consumer or HCP website, a theme for your next sales cycle meeting, a social media campaign, an integrated multi-channel campaign involving all of the above, or perhaps some neon shelf wobblers?

Here you need to think about why we’re in fact doing this project? What consumer or HCP barriers are we trying to overcome? What action do we want our customer to perform (beyond product purchase)?

Let’s start with the most important key message here. What’s the one sentence that summarises your unique selling proposition (USP)? Then could you also give us your top 5 features and benefits about your program/service/product and their value to your customers. What qualities of the brand will help us meet our challenge?

What is the key insight we have into our target audience?

Should the communication be formal and scientific, or warm, humorous, direct, functional or just totally out there?

Here we sum up the strategy into creative thoughts/lines/deliverables.

Just their names and any inside info that’s relevant!

Examples – Adhering to your global and/or regional brand guidelines, the current approved minimum PI, PBS box information, black box warnings, phone numbers, email addresses, brand and corporate URLs, internal job numbers, specific logos to be used, legal disclaimer(s).

What do we need to produce and where will the campaign be displayed?

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